A Complete Guide To Why Solar Batteries Are Essential in California

Nov 28th 23
11:27:40 am

If you’re a homeowner in California, you’re probably familiar with solar energy and its many benefits. However, in addition to solar panels, solar battery backup is becoming an essential component of solar installation for multiple reasons. Solar batteries store excess power generated by your solar system during peak sunshine hours. In this blog, we’ll explore how battery backup has become an essential asset for homeowners in California.

Cut Down on Electricity Bills

Electricity isn’t cheap in California. In fact, statistics show that electricity prices in California have risen astronomically (and are still rising), with an 84% increase in non-discounted electricity prices at PG&E and a 137% increase in electricity rates at SGD&E over the past decade. As a result, California is one of the most expensive states for power in the whole country. That’s why cutting down your energy bills as much as possible is essential, and can be achieved with solar battery backup.

Take Full Advantage of Peak Sunshine Hours

Did you know that geographically speaking, California is one of the best states to go solar in? The Golden State receives abundant sunshine throughout the year, especially in summer months, where peak sunlight hours can be as many as seven a day, with a yearly average of just over 5 hours. That’s alot of excess solar energy! You can store this excess solar energy and power your home during the night, or release it back into the grid when net metering rates are at their highest.

take full advantage of sunshine hours

How To Earn With Solar Batteries Under NEM 3.0

Under California's Net Energy Metering program, commonly known as NEM 3.0, homeowners need battery backup to get the full value of the energy they send back into the grid for credit. An avoided cost calculator (ACC) calculates the time-of-use rates (TOUs), which fluctuate according to the time of day and demand for electricity. Your utility company will credit your utility bill with the units of solar energy you have generated and their value according to the TOU at the time you choose to release the energy into the grid. You can contact your utility company to find out more about their time-of-use rates and how much you can earn.

SGIP Incentive For Solar Batteries in california

California offers excellent solar incentives, including those for battery backup. Once a battery storage system is installed in your home, you can apply for incentives under the SGIP program. This program offers between $150 and $1,000 per kWh of storage installed, allowing you to recoup your investment more quickly and increase earnings over the battery's lifespan.

Protection From Power Outages

Over the past 20 years, California has experienced more power outages than any other state, making it one of the leaders in unexpected and abrupt power cuts. Extended power outages, lasting several days, can pose significant challenges for unprepared homeowners. Installing a battery storage system protects homes from extended power interruptions, ensuring that essential appliances remain operational.

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