Gain energy independence with solar and battery

Mar 27th 23
12:39:46 pm

What is energy independence?

The ability to meet all energy needs without having to import any of it. Now, the bigger question is:

Is energy independence within our grasp?

Yes, the simplest and most effective way to gain energy independence is to install solar PV or rooftop solar. With Solar, you can generate your own power and if excess power is produced, you can transfer it to the grid and receive credit for it. The more domestic solar energy we use as a country, the less we will need to rely on imports of carbon-based fossil fuels, contributing to greater economic, political, and environmental stability. At an individual level, deciding to go solar and taking energy generation into your own hands can not only reduce electricity costs, but also provides security (especially for businesses) and contribute to a greener environment.

Now the problem is, solar energy is generated during the day but most households consume the bulk of energy between afternoons to nights. But you can solve this issue by using a small battery bank to “time-shift” your solar.

Battery backup for power outages

With a recent report concluding that most fossil fuel power plants in the US will reach the end of their working life by 2035, experts say that the time for rapid growth in industrial-scale energy storage is still at hand. As stated by Bernadette Del Chiaro, executive director of the California Solar and Storage Association "Energy storage is the true bridge to a clean-energy future".

Storage also helps deal with price hikes by soaking up excess energy that would have been lost in the middle of the day, when electricity demand is lower, and moving it to a time when it is more valuable.

Coming to another important question, can solar produce enough power?

To ensure that you’re generating enough power to run your appliances, you can customize your solar panels on SolarQuote as per your needs and store the extra power produced in the battery. You can choose what appliances you need to run at night, and get the right battery capacity for your home. Even if you run out of power someday, the deficit can be covered up with power from the grid.

Customize solar power usage

The past decade has seen impressive improvements in battery technology, in areas such as performance, lifespan, charging and discharging rates, efficiencies, energy densities, and more. This all means that batteries provide consumers with more value. There are several drivers influencing technological improvements, such as the large demand from the mobile market this past decade and the expected demand from the electric vehicles (EV) and solar market in the coming one.

Talking of solar inverters, which are responsible for converting solar energy into electrical energy are becoming much more advanced and turning into smart energy managers. They still manage solar energy, but they can now also manage energy storage in a battery, how energy is consumed in the home, EV charging, and can also support grid stabilization.

The main factors to be considered for a solar-plus-storage energy system are energy needs, roof size, and appliances that you need to operate during outages. The energy patterns are important for understanding how large of a solar energy system is needed to offset or minimize energy bills. The roof size will determine how much power can be put on the roof and how much energy can be produced. And the number of appliances you wish to operate will determine the storage capacity you need. For instance, a refrigerator might require 700 watts to keep it running, but 2,800 watts to start it up. To determine the necessary capacity of a home battery backup system, you should add up the amount of power it takes to start each device in your home. To learn more about your home’s electrical needs, check out our home backup appliances checklist. Using this tool, you’ll be able to know exactly how much storage capacity is required to run your home during outages or at night.

There are many ways to “go green”, but solar power is one of the most impactful. In this day and age, it’s more important than it has ever been to be taking steps towards reducing our carbon footprint. There are solar loans and PPAs available for those who are ready to get started but can't afford outright purchases. If you've been holding off due to a lack of accessibility, your chance to move forward is here at SolarQuote. We will answer all your doubts and help you with everything related to solar.

Go green Solar

Installing solar panels has the same benefit on carbon levels as planting 300 trees every year, and it takes little to no effort on your part. Besides the process of going solar is now easier than ever, with SolarQuote. Live chat with our solar experts, place a telephone order, or shop online. You no longer have to depend on the sales representatives or face delays in installation, SolarQuote is here to make going solar superfast and easy.

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