How To Keep Utility Bills Low After Going Solar?

Nov 1st 23
1:15:50 pm

keeping utility bills low after going solarHomeowners can save a lot by switching to solar energy, but it’s always better to save more. With just a few simple steps, it’s possible to sustain your savings and make sure that your electricity bills stay low. In today’s blog, we will explore how you can keep your utility bill down after going solar.


Solar installation is not only reliable but also low-maintenance. Nonetheless, in order to maximize your solar savings and keep your utility bills as low as possible after going solar, it’s important to make sure that your solar panels are working at peak efficiency. This means that every six months, you should gently clean your solar panels and remove any debris that may be obstructing sunlight. Furthermore,you should keep in mind that having your solar panels inspected solidifies their performance over the long term.

Avoid Peak Hour Pricing

While ideally, you can produce enough solar energy to power your home throughout daylight hours, you may occasionally want to save your solar energy for use at night and draw from the grid during the day. This usually happens when severe weather conditions are reducing your solar installation’s output. However, electricity rates typically go up during the day and fall during the night. Consider using stored solar energy during peak hours if your solar installation is producing less energy during cloudy weather conditions. Use solar energy between 10 am-8 pm to avoid peak-hour prices and avoid straining the utility grid when demand is highest.

avoid peak hour pricing

Monitoring System

A monitoring system ensures that your solar installation is performing at optimum efficiency. Solar monitoring systems usually come with your installation and act as a warning system for malfunctions and dips in production, allowing you to take immediate action if and when necessary. Monitoring systems are either hardwired into your installation or share data via internet or cellular connection,

Sustainable Living

Even with a solar installation that works perfectly and offsets your consumption well, you can get more use out of your solar power by making a few small changes to your everyday life. For example, we often don’t think about the energy efficiency of the appliances we use, but simply swapping out our lightbulbs with an energy-efficient alternative such as LED lights can reduce the amount of energy needed to illuminate our homes. This is particularly important if you want to be completely energy-independent and not draw from the grid at all, stripping your utility bill down to basic transmission and participation charges. Solar batteries can go a long way, but they will go even further if you make energy efficiency a habit, turning off appliances that you aren’t using and upgrading to energy-efficient alternatives.

Net Metering Programs

Your solar panels will generate excess energy during peak sunshine hours. You can either store this excess energy in solar batteries, or participate in a net metering program. Many utility companies have net metering programs in which you can participate and lower your utility bills. The excess solar energy your panels produce can be sent back into the grid, counting back your electricity bill by the units you produce. participating in net metering program We hope that these tips for keeping your electricity bill low after going solar have helped you find the answers you need. Haven’t gone solar yet? Get the best solutions for your home with Solar Quote’s AI purchase tool. On our platform, solar prices are unbeatable. A brighter (and more sustainable) future awaits!

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