What is a Battery Storage System?

May 16th 23
7:09:53 pm

With the growing impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment, it has become necessary to increase the adoption of reliable and renewable sources of energy such solar and hydro. Solar energy is the most popular and affordable way for homeowners to switch to a sustainable source of energy. With the advanced technology available today, solar batteries are expected to play a crucial role in upcoming years when it comes to supplying residential areas with solar energy.

In this blog post, we will talk in detail about battery storage, its benefits, why it's necessary to install solar batteries alongside installing solar and how exactly solar batteries work.

Battery energy storage systems are rechargeable devices that allow homeowners to store excess energy generated from solar panels for use as a backup when the grid goes down and during emergencies such as blackouts or at night when solar panels do not generate energy.

How do solar batteries work?

working of solar batteries

Solar batteries work by storing the energy produced by solar panels during the day so that you can use them later. The higher the capacity of your battery, the more energy can be stored in it.

Usually, when you install solar panels on your roof, your system is tied to the grid so that when your solar system produces more electricity than is required, you can export that extra energy back into the grid and save on electricity bills. At night, when your solar panels aren’t working, you use electricity from the grid.

But what if you could avoid pulling from the grid at all? Having batteries as backup for your PV array allows you to store the additional energy produced by your solar system instead of sending it back to the grid. There are multiple benefits to battery backup, such as energy independence, better long-term savings, and energy stability. The number of weather-related power outages is increasing, often leaving homes powerless for days. With battery storage, you don’t have to cross your fingers and hope that the power comes back on soon.

Top Benefits of Battery Storage Systems

Energy Self-sufficiency

Solar batteries offer homeowners energy independence, a valuable asset in a world where utility-distributed energy has grown increasingly unrelaible. You can charge your batteries and use the power as an emergency power backup when the grid goes down. With a solar and battery storage system at home, you don't have to worry about blackouts or power outrages anymore, relying instead on off-grid energy storage.

Round-the-Clock Power

benefits of battery storage systems

Imagine you are attending an important office meeting remotely, and suddenly face an unexpected power outage. What will you do?

We often take utility power for granted, not aware of how helpless we are until we’re left without. And the worse part is, blackouts can often arrive with no warning whatsoever, even in the middle of the day, especially if volatile weather is involved.

The only way to ensure you have cost-effective and reliable backup power is with solar batteries. No matter what time of day, no matter what the weather is like, solar batteries can keep your power on and day-to-day lives undisturbed.

Pocketbook Protection

The US has seen electricity prices rise between 10-20% throughout all states. This is partly due to the increased strain on the grid, which in turn raises delivery costs for homeowners nationwide. The bulk of most utility grids rest upon foundations built in the 1950s and 1960s, which were never intended to withstand the current demand for energy. As a result, utility companies need to budget for repairs, with the cost trickling down into resident’s electricity bills. By switching to solar with battery backup, these hidden costs become a thing of the past.

Better Rates Under NEM 3.0

The CPUC recently introduced net billing, also known as NEM 3.0, which has dramatically changed the nature of solar savings. Under NEM 2.0, homeowners could earn approximately $0.30 per kWh, whereas NEM 3.0 rates start at a mere $0.08. Nonetheless, homeowners can still make great savings under NEM 3.0 with the help of battery storage. Under NEM 3.0, the value of a single kWh of solar energy fluctuates depending on the time of day. By storing excess solar energy and releasing it into the grid at night, homeowners can earn more in the long run and reduce their ROI period.

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