How Solar Can Help You Through Hurricane Season

Dec 13th 23
7:08:56 pm

Hurricane season is one of the most pressing issues caused by the warming of our environment, and renewable energy might have some of the answers. Hurricanes often take out the utility grid for days as providers struggle to repair extensive damage left in their wake. For numerous Americans, experiencing power outages lasting several days is a common consequence of hurricanes, significantly heightening post-storm stress. For those utilizing solar energy, navigating through the storm becomes more manageable. In our blog today, we delve into how solar energy assists homeowners in coping with the hurricane season.

Solar Power Is Incredibly Reliable

Solar energy is often synonymous with electricity bill savings, and boasts one more important advantage- it is one of the most reliable sources of power, especially when paired with battery storage. Solar panels are stress-tested extensively by manufacturers to ensure they provide as much energy stability to solar users as possible. Solar installations can withstand harsh weather, including extreme rain and wind, during the heavy rainfall associated with hurricane season. While they aren’t technically “hurricane-proof”, they offer a great measure of energy security that is vital during the aftermath of a hurricane.

Store Energy for Future Use

Unfortunately, grid-tied solar panels alone will stop producing electricity during a blackout, but solar power can still help you if you invest in backup batteries. Solar batteries store excess energy generated by solar panels during peak sunlight hours, during which the amount of energy produced by the installation exceeds the amount a home consumes. When the grid goes down, homeowners can rely on solar energy storage to power their homes until traditional electricity returns. Depending on how many batteries a homeowner installs, they can power essential appliances or fully power their home during a post-hurricane blackout. This ensures that heating and cooling appliances continue to do their job and that food safety and security don’t become an issue. solar energy storage

Solar Energy Boosts Home Safety During Hurricane Season

Homeowners who embrace solar energy find an enhanced quality of life during and beyond the hurricane season. Indeed, communities equipped with continuous solar energy supplies are better prepared to face hurricanes, safeguarding residents. A reserve of solar power ensures that homeowners can keep communication channels open in emergencies, maintain lighting during dark hours, and extend aid to neighbors affected by the harsh impacts of hurricanes. Overall, adopting solar energy is a significant measure for homeowners seeking to increase their home's safety and security throughout the hurricane season. boost home safety during hurricane season with solar energy

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