A Homeowner’s Guide To Clean Energy

Oct 12th 23
7:07:14 am

As a homeowner, you are responsible for the way you power your home. For years, lowering your electricity bill depended on using power efficiently, turning off lights and appliances you were not using and checking your meter as the units ticked by. However, in the modern age of renewable energy, the ways in which you can take control over how you consume electricity are broader.

In today’s blog, we will explore how renewable energy promises a better future for our world and how you, the homeowner, can both save money and reduce your environmental impact with renewable energy, specifically solar.

The Bigger Picture

The need to switch to renewable energy resources stems from the fact that non-renewable energy resources are being depleted rapidly. For example, the most widespread form of non-renewable resource is oil, which not only provides energy but is used extensively in the production of plastic, gasoline and even furniture. Furthermore, oil provides almost 41% of US energy. Unfortunately for us, oil production is likely nearing or already reached its peak, and will soon cause problems. Even at a production plateau, demand will continue to rise and cause supply chain issues, driving prices up to unprecedented heights.

As the US enters the stage of unsustainable non-renewable energy, all will collectively embrace renewable energy in the forms of hydropower, biomass, wind and solar. In addition to oil, natural gas resources are also being depleted, a source of energy that many US states depend heavily upon. That is why homeowners should be aware of alternative sources of energy for their homes and prepare for the eventual large-scale change that is ahead.

The Homeowner's Role in Renewable Energy

Solar is the most accessible renewable energy source due to its affordability and small-scale applications. Large-scale solar farms are not the answer to our energy issues, individual homes are. All you need is a south-facing roof with no hefty obstructions to the sun, and you can power your home with solar energy and even help stabilise the grid with the excess solar power you produce.

In addition to securing your future energy, solar provides a myriad of benefits. While we have explored many of these benefits in depth in other blogs, here is a quick overview of what you stand to gain:

Solar savings: offset up to 100% of your home’s energy consumption and slash your bills to their bare bones. No pollution: because there are no moving parts and a considerable lifespan, solar panels do not contribute to noise or air pollution. Environment-friendly: going solar significantly reduces your carbon footprint, helping mitigate the threat posed by global warming. Stabilize the utility grid: Tired of blackouts? Your investment in solar helps reduce the strain on the utility grid, providing reliable power for all.

Am I a Good Candidate for Solar?

Before taking any further steps, first decide if your home is a good candidate for solar installation. Solar works best on south-facing roofs, and should not be shaded for extended periods of time. You also need to have enough roof space. If your roof is not structurally sound enough to hold solar panels or is getting old, you will need to replace it before you can proceed with installation. For a better idea of your home’s solar potential, try our Solar Quote’s AI tool. All you have to do is input your address and utility bill details and the tool will create an ideal solar layout for your home, as well as generate your potential solar offset and production by month.

How Solar Installation Works

Step 1: Getting a Quote.

For an idea of how much your solar installation will cost and what kind of savings you could look forward to, ask solar installation services for a solar proposal. For the most competitive quote in under five minutes, try Solar Quote’s AI tool.

Step 2: Financing Your Solar and Signing Your Contract.

You can pay for solar in multiple ways. You can pay for your solar installation in cash, or apply for a solar loan. Alternatively, you can lease solar panels or sign a power purchase agreement (PPA).

By paying for solar panels in cash, you can own your installation outright without having to make monthly payments, maximizing your solar savings. However, solar loans are an attractive prospect to homeowners who do not have the lump sum necessary to purchase solar with cash. For those who are not ready to commit to a solar installation, solar leases and PPAs provide a hassle-free alternative. However, keep in mind that PPAs do not provide all of the benefits of a fully-owned solar installation. Once you have chosen your financing, you can sign your contract and get ready for your installation.

financing your solar and signing contract

Step 3: Site Survey

Solar panels are not exactly one-size-fits-all. During the site survey stage, your solar installation service will conduct a thorough inspection and inventory of obstacles, as well as make sure that your home is structurally sound enough to host solar panels.

Step 4: Design

With all the data they need in hand, the solar installation service will design a solar installation for your home taking into account your energy needs and space, as well as your property’s location.

Step 5: Permitting

As with many home improvement projects, you need to have the correct permits before proceeding with your solar installation.

Step 6: Installation

Once all the necessary paperwork is taken care of, professional installers can then get your solar panels up onto your roof, along with racking, interconnective wiring and a monitoring system.

solar installation with Solar Quote

Step 7: Inspection and Interconnection

An inspector will make sure that your solar installation meets all codes and standards before giving you the green light to turn on your solar system.

What if there was an easier way to go solar? Try Solar Quote.

We hope that you now have a much clearer understanding of why solar energy is key to ensuring our collective future energy stability and how you can go about getting solar for your home. We recognize that going solar is not straightforward, which is why we have built a platform that makes solar installation easy, from choosing solar panels to applying for financing. If you would like to go solar online without the hassle of an in-person meeting, try out our AI tool today and begin your journey to a sustainable future with renewable energy.

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