Ten Tips To Help You Get The Best Solar Quote For Your Home

Dec 18th 23
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Switching to solar power is a big investment for homeowners, but it's also a very smart move. Solar energy is a clean, renewable energy source and can save you money on your power bills in the long run. However, with so many solar installation services, knowing where to start when getting the best solar quote can take time and effort. That's why we've compiled this comprehensive guide outlining ten tips to help you get the best solar quote and make an informed decision for your home.

Get Clarity on Your Energy Needs

Before getting a quote, one of the first things you need to do is look at your electricity bills and evaluate your electricity usage patterns to understand your energy needs. It will give you a better understanding of the size of the solar system you need and how much you can save on your energy bills.

Research Types of Solar Panels

Solar panels come in various forms, including monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film. Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages. Among these most popular ones are monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Monocrystalline solar cells are used to create monocrystalline solar panels, often known as mono panels. Each solar cell consists of a pure silicon crystal that was produced specifically to be used in solar panels. The normal efficiency range for monocrystalline solar panels is around 15% to 20%.

Polycrystalline solar panels are formed by combining solar cells, made up of silicon crystals that occur naturally. Instead of extruding a single pure silicon crystal, each silicon cell is allowed to cool and fragment on its own, which makes the manufacturing process of polycrystalline solar panels more cost-effective. Typically, polycrystalline solar panels have an efficiency rating of 13% to 16%. Monocrystalline is the most popular choice amongst homeowners, which is more efficient than polycrystalline and will be a significant investment in the long run. It's essential to research and compares each type's efficiency, durability, and performance before deciding.

Understand the Components of a Solar System

Before purchasing, it's necessary to understand all aspects of solar installation, as a solar system consists of more than just solar panels. Solar installations also include inverters, racking, wiring, and monitoring equipment. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the different components of a solar panel and ask about the brands and models used in your installation.

Ask About the Solar Panel Warranty

Solar panels are a huge investment, so they should be protected and covered by relevant warranties. Generally, solar installation services offer warranties on solar panels for 20-25 years and 10 years on solar batteries. Be sure to enquire about the manufacturer's warranty and determine what damage or malfunctions are covered.

Get Referrals

Searching for a reliable solar installer can be an overwhelming task. One of the best ways to tackle indecision is to ask friends, family, or neighbors who have already gone solar for their recommendations. This can be a great way to find reliable and trustworthy installers so that you can go solar worry-free.

way to find reliable and trustworthy installers

Consider Your Roof

Another important factor you need to consider is the state of your roof, as it plays a critical role in your solar installation. Always ask about the solar installation service's past roofing experience and the type of roofing materials they can use. If your roof has less than a decade left, you may need to replace it before going solar.

Explore Financing Options

As a homeowner, it is really important to sort out your solar financing before switching. Ask the solar installation service about their financing options and monitor how much flexibility they can provide. Look into their financial partner's brands to rule out any fraudulent activity before investing, as it's vital to know the pros and cons of each option and how they will impact your overall investment. With Solar Quote's purchase tool, you can select the criteria that matter most to you, such as the lowest interest rate or payment amount, and we'll provide you with several options that meet your budget and needs. You can get instant credit approval from there and buy your solar installation!

explore easy finance options with solar quote tool

Understanding the Permitting Process

Solar installation typically requires permits and inspections from your local government. Be sure to ask about all the permitting process steps in detail, including who will be responsible and how the solar installation service will assist in obtaining the necessary permits.

Understanding Net Metering

Net metering allows you to return excess solar energy to the grid and receive credits on your energy bill. Ask the solar installation about net metering policies in your state and find out how much you could save.

Scope Out The Solar Installation's Customer Service

A good solar company will provide excellent customer service throughout installation and beyond. Be sure to ask about the company's customer service policies and how they handle any issues arising after installation.

Choose Solar Quote- Buy How You Want To Buy, The Easy Way

In addition to these tips, it's important to consider the solar installation service's reputation and customer service. Solar Quote stands out in this regard. Our platform allows homeowners to get an instant solar quote, making it easy to compare the costs and benefits of different companies and choose the one that best fits their needs. With our instant quote tool, you can select solar panels and batteries, choose the offset of your solar system and apply for financing options all in just a few minutes. We prioritize full transparency with customers, who can log in to the customer portal and stay informed about their solar installation's progress and get support.

By following these ten tips and purchasing from Solar Quote, you can be confident that you're getting the most competitive quote and making the best decision for your solar energy needs. Remember to do your research, get multiple quotes, trust your instincts, and consider the reputation of the solar installation service you choose. With the proper solar installation and financing, you can start reaping the benefits of solar power in no time! Choose Solar Quote for the best financing options, top customer service, and prices at 20-30% below the national average!

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