What Battery Choices Do I Have With Solar Quote?

Oct 4th 23
2:59:23 pm

In an increasingly eco-conscious world, solar power has become a symbol of sustainability. Solar Quote, armed with cutting-edge AI technology and smart finance decision engines, emerges as a game-changer in the solar industry. It not only provides affordable solar installations but also offers a variety of efficient battery options for energy consumption and storage.

One of the key offerings of Solar Quote is the comprehensive range of battery options it presents to homeowners. The ability to store excess solar energy for use during non-sunny hours is a game-changing aspect of modern solar setups. Solar Quote presents four intriguing battery options to suit a variety of needs: FranklinWH, Enphase, Tesla, and Solar. Each battery variant is designed to meet specific energy demands, ensuring a tailored experience for every homeowner.


The FranklinWH battery backup system is a robust and reliable energy storage solution, proudly manufactured in the USA. It has an impressive energy capacity of 13.6kWh, which can keep your essential devices and appliances running during outages. Its estimated backup duration of 1 day and 4 hours ensures that you have access to electricity when you need it most. This battery system boasts a wide power output range, delivering anywhere from 5kW to 38.4kW, making it suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Keep your home well-lit and comfortable during blackouts with FranklinWH.

FranklinWH comes with an exceptional 12-year warranty, reflecting the manufacturer's confidence in its durability and performance. It has dimensions of 45.3 × 29.5 × 11.4 inches, making it suitable for various spaces.


The Enphase energy storage system is an excellent solution made in America to ensure you have power during outages. With a capacity of 10kWh, it provides sufficient electricity to keep you going when the grid fails, with an estimated backup duration of up to 19 hours.

This system offers a steady power output, with 3.84 kVA continuous and a peak output of 5.7 kVA, making it ideal for residential applications. It's well-suited to power essential appliances and maintain productivity even in challenging situations. Enphase backs up its product with a reassuring 10-year performance warranty or 4000 cycles, highlighting its commitment to reliability and durability. The system's dimensions, measuring 42.1 x 26.1 x 12.6 inches, ensure it can fit into various spaces seamlessly. Made in the USA with a strong warranty and the capacity to keep you powered up during emergencies, the Enphase system is an excellent choice.

types of batteries with Solar Quote


Tesla, renowned for its groundbreaking electric cars, also shines in the world of energy storage with its Tesla Energy Storage System. While Tesla's cars have garnered significant attention, their battery backup systems are the unsung heroes of sustainable energy solutions. The Tesla Battery backup boasts an impressive energy capacity of 13.5 kWh, ensuring you have reliable backup power during grid disruptions. With an estimated backup duration of 1 day and 4 hours, it provides peace of mind in prolonged outages.

Its sleek and compact design, measuring 45.2 x 29.7 x 6.1 inches, allows for easy installation in various spaces. This system delivers robust power output with 7 kW at peak and 5 kW continuous, making it suitable for your residential needs. Tesla's commitment to quality is evident in the 10-year warranty provided for the Powerwall, showcasing its confidence in its performance and longevity.

While Tesla's electric cars have transformed the automotive industry, their energy storage solutions play a pivotal role in revolutionizing how we harness and store energy for a sustainable future. Tesla's innovation extends beyond the road, empowering individuals and businesses to take control of their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint.


The Storz energy storage system is a robust and dependable American-made solution designed to provide extended backup power when you need it most. With a substantial energy capacity of 20 kWh, it ensures you have access to electricity during extended grid outages, boasting an impressive estimated backup duration of up to 1 day and 16 hours.

This system is built to deliver significant power, with a peak output of 20,000 W and a continuous output of 12,000 W. What truly sets Storz apart is its exceptional 15-year performance warranty, showcasing the manufacturer's confidence in the system's reliability and longevity. The system's dimensions, measuring 26 x 21.5 x 23.6 inches and weighing 250 lbs, make it versatile for various installation spaces.

batteries option with their storage capacity

These excellent battery options are recommended to you after utilizing Solar Quote's innovative AI tool that gives homeowners the power to tailor their solar solutions precisely to their needs. It analyzes energy consumption, location, and budget to recommend the ideal solar panel system, optimizing energy generation and ROI. This personalized approach ensures maximum efficiency. By adding battery backup systems, excess energy generated during sunny days is stored for use during the night or cloudy days. This enhances energy independence and contributes to a stable grid by reducing peak demand. During grid outages or emergencies, the battery backup keeps essential devices running. Solar Quote's AI tool empowers homeowners with informed solar choices, making homes resilient, sustainable, and cost-effective.

Incorporating energy storage with solar through Solar Quote not only helps you harness renewable energy but also offers long-term financial and environmental benefits. Solar Quote empowers homeowners with a range of cutting-edge battery options, from FranklinWH to Storz, Tesla, and Enphase. These choices ensure your energy needs are met efficiently and reliably, regardless of the weather. Take control of your energy consumption and sustainability goals with Solar Quote. To explore these battery options and start your journey towards renewable energy, visit https://www.solarquote.com today.

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