Solar Quote Estimate Tool Guide

Jan 9th 24
12:42:53 pm

How To Purchase Solar Panels online

We are here to offer a better solar purchasing experience. With other solar companies, you have to be in constant contact with a salesperson in order to select your solar panels, explore finance options, and find out how many panels or batteries you need to fulfill your solar goals. With Solar Quote, you can skip speaking to a representative and do all of the steps online, within a couple of minutes. Our unique tool is an innovative way to save your time, energy and money by buying solar how you want to when you want to.

The Solar Quote estimate tool has eight sections:

  1. Design Panel Mounting

  2. Select Panels/Batteries

  3. Site Survey

  4. Contract Type

  5. Final Contract

  6. Payment Options

  7. Sign Documents

  8. Project Information, Timeline and Support

When you’re ready to take control of your solar energy purchase, you can find the estimate tool on our installation service website Fill in your address, electricity bill amount and service provider details to get started.

Design Panel Mounting

You’ll be presented with a couple of questions to help us understand your solar needs. Based on the address you gave us, we will locate your home and have you confirm. Use our innovative panel mounting tool to draw your roof area and panels. You can adjust the shading and tilt direction, changing the direction your solar panels will face. With this tool, you can calculate how many panels you can place on your roof based on your energy needs. You can add or delete solar panels as per your requirements. Details of your system size, annual production, annual usage (current usage) and offset(how much of your energy the solar will cover) will be presented to you so you can adjust if needed. You can also see the overview of your solar panel monthly production projections.

How to draw mounting areas

How to add and remove solar panels

How to edit facets

Solar and Battery Recommendations

We offer a recommendation for solar batteries and solar panels, however, we have multiple other options for you to explore and see what works best for you. The specification section gives you an overview of each panel or battery. Take a look at our detailed solar panel guide to choose your solar panels. With our battery guide, you can input how many rooms and appliances you need to power with solar energy and get an accurate battery recommendation. The specifications section lets you go over efficiency rates, size, brand information and warranties. If you have any questions regarding solar panels or batteries, make sure to take a look at our FAQs. The FAQs section can resolve any questions you have, but feel free to give us a call.

Site Survey

If you’d like to survey your own home by adding pictures to your installation project, opt for a self-site survey. You can benefit from a 200 dollar discount now. Or, you can schedule a site survey with one of our professionals.

Select Contract Type

Once you select your contract type, you’ll be presented with the final price of your solar installation, along with the price after the federal tax credit. The most straight forward purchase option is cash. While it is a huge investment, you can qualify for a 26% Federal Tax credit on your solar panel installation costs and with your solar panels saving you money, you’ll get a payback period of about eight years. You can own your solar panels right away. And your solar panels will return your investment and save you money for another 25-35 years.

You can pay for your solar installation service by cash, or fill out your details to qualify for a loan. Finalise your contract type and fill out your information. Loan Application Process If you have opted for a loan, you can select from an array of loan options: loans with the lowest interest rate, loans with the lowest payment and loans with the shortest term. We offer flexible loans based on loan period, interest rate, and tenure. Finalize your loan, and then input your details. Then submit your project.

Sign Documents

You’ll be led to the credit disclosure page, then go through the credit check process by clicking the Check Credit/Apply button. When you’ve been approved, you can submit your proposal. Confirm it by clicking yes. Sign your loan documents and solar energy system disclosure document with DocuSign.

Congratulations! You’ve made an incredible step towards a better, sustainable future. You’ll now make significant energy savings or upgrade your home’s security with solar batteries.

Customer Portal

Welcome to the Solar Quote community! You can now upload your self-site survey pictures and keep up with the seven-step installation process. To log in, you can click on track purchase from the home page and use your phone number to log in. View all of your signed agreements. Get your project information, price terms and monthly payments (if you’re paying by loan). You can find the details of your solar purchase and loan agreement in an email sent to you. We will send you payment reminders so you never accidentally miss a payment. If you need our help, we have live chat support to answer any queries you may have. You can also reach us via email at

Going solar comes with undeniable benefits. Solar Quote is here to make the installation as smooth as possible. You can handle everything yourself, wherever you go, or from the comfort of your home. Ready to get your free solar quote from Solar Quote? Go to the homepage to take control of your solar energy purchase.