Why Solar Quote's Affiliate Program is a Game-Changer

Sep 13th 23
1:17:33 pm

Are you keen on making a difference? With Solar Quote's affiliate program, you don’t just earn money— you participate in a global movement towards renewable energy. In this blog, we’ll discuss how our affiliates can earn exciting rewards and how their contributions help us on our mission to build a sustainable future together.

Become A Solar Quote Affiliate

As a member of our affiliate program, you’ll be able to access an additional source of income. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to influence the way your community consumes electricity and watch the earnings roll in. For every purchase made via your unique referral link you will receive 750$ in earnings.

How much can I earn with Solar Quote’s Affiliate Program?

Cash: Each of your referrals that completes a purchase with Solar Quote earns you $750. Packages: Unwind and destress with a relaxing spa day or a once-in-a-lifetime exciting adventure. Trips: Pack your bags for a getaway in bustling cities or calming tropical destinations.

how Solar Quote affiliate program works

How Does The Program Work?

Our affiliate program is simple to sign up for and yields generous rewards. All you have to do is register and you’ll get access to your unique affiliate link. You can share this link with your network, whether that be sending it directly to those who you know are interested in solar, or sharing the link via social media. If you’re familiar with the app Nextdoor, you can also share your affiliate link with your community through the platform.

Each person who uses your affiliate link to make a purchase from Solar Quote earns you 750 points. As an affiliate, you’ll have access to login details for the affiliate program portal, where you can watch your earnings roll in and select one of the rewards available to you based on your points.

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Earn While Making A Real Difference

As a Solar Quote affiliate, you’ll not only enjoy the financial benefits of our program but also create a positive impact because of your contribution to a sustainable future for all. By encouraging the adoption of solar energy, you’re reducing your community’s carbon footprint and helping combat the disastrous effects of climate change. Each home that goes solar also helps stabilize the utility grid, which is cracking under the strain caused by the rising demand for power. The best part is, that your friends and family will thank you for helping them find a way to reduce their electricity bills and save money.

About Solar Quote

Solar Quote is a direct-to-consumer online solar company. Here at Solar Quote, we prioritize providing accessible and affordable solutions for homeowners across the US. We have harnessed cutting-edge AI technology to completely revolutionize the way homeowners go solar, allowing them to get a maximum-efficiency design tailored to their home in seconds. We are dedicated to providing homeowners with innovative solar solutions at unbeatable prices and get the installation they need without having to ever speak to a sales representative.

Ready to become part of the game-changing affiliate program for renewable energy? Speak to a representative today and become a Solar Quote affiliate!

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