Can you power an EV with solar?

Feb 28th 23
9:35:25 am

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to their reduced environmental impact compared to fossil-fuel-driven vehicles. With the significant savings made from switching to renewable energy through solar panels, you may wonder if you can avoid rising fuel prices by purchasing an electric vehicle and charging it with your residential solar panel system. The answer is yes, you can absolutely charge an EV with solar panels, and here’s why.

Solar ev charge

Thanks to advancements in technology and design, EV chargers have become more compact than in previous years and can easily fit into your garage where you keep your car. With the EV market growing, EV chargers are also becoming less expensive. If you’re interested in becoming energy independent in every aspect of your life, charging your EV with the electricity generated from your solar panels is a great way to achieve complete energy independence. Before investing in an EV charger, make sure your solar panels generate enough excess electricity during peak sunlight hours to charge your EV so that your home can run smoothly whilst charging. If you’re in the planning phase of your solar installation, make sure to inform your solar installation service that you plan to install an EV charger so that they can give you a corresponding quote. With SolarQuote, you can take control of your solar installation and adjust the offset of your solar system to accommodate EV charging on any other heavy-duty appliances you need to power.

If you need to charge your EV during the night or live in an area prone to blackouts or brownouts, a solar battery is a worthwhile investment.Solar batteries store the excess energy generated by your solar panels during peak sunlight hours and is invaluable when it comes to powering your EV.

Did you know that not only do electric vehicles reduce your carbon footprint, and increase your property value? EV chargers are a desirable feature as more and more people turn to electric vehicles. Therefore, even if you need to move house after installation and can’t take your renewable energy system with you, the system will pay for itself when it comes to selling your home.

When you have a renewable energy source in the form of solar panels, nothing can beat the convenience of powering your own vehicle. Not only will you be helping Earth by lowering carbon emissions, but you’ll also be avoiding the economic threat of rising energy and gas prices. In the long run, solar energy will result in savings others could only dream of, and with the convenience of a home EV charger, you’ll be ahead of most other EV owners in terms of convenience.

Solar ev power station

If you do not yet own solar panels, consider going solar with SolarQuote. We offer the opportunity to purchase solar panels or batteries from the comfort of your home, set the offset and mounting of your panels yourself, and even offer financing with a range of options within our online purchase tool. With SolarQuote, every step of your installation will be abundantly clear and you will be in control. Go to to get started.

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