How Long Will My Solar Energy System Last?

Mar 10th 23
1:05:47 pm

When you invest in solar energy, you're investing in a system designed to last for decades. Some solar energy systems are known to last for more than 25+ years. Of course, this will depend on several different factors.

Solar panels are not only reliable, but their longevity has increased significantly in recent years. Many solar manufacturers give performance guarantees as part of their warranties in addition to decades of reliable performance. ‍

The installation and brand of components used will impact the length of time your solar energy system lasts. Even after a solar panel system reaches the end of its useful lifetime, the panels can still produce electricity though it may not be at the same rate as when new.

Read on to discover how long your solar energy system will likely last and what you can do to extend its life further.

Could Your Solar Panel System Last for 25+ Years?

Solar panels provide an excellent opportunity for homeowners to lower their carbon footprint. The typical lifespan of solar panels means that you'll be able to produce energy for a significant amount of time, resulting in a great return on investment.

The process of producing less energy as a solar panel ages is known as degradation. The amount of degradation may differ based on the brand, type of panels, and installation location.

Most photovoltaic solar panels will last for approximately 25 + years before beginning to show signs of degradation. Solar panel companies offer a 25-year warranty to reflect the expected life expectancy of the product. Once a solar panel reaches 25 years old, it doesn't necessarily need to be replaced but its ability to absorb sunlight will reduce. Solar panels can produce solar energy for 35-40 years.

Your panels will continue to produce electricity even after their system's useful lifetime has expired. You might want to get new panels to generate energy at a higher rate.

Extend The Life of Your Solar Panels With the Following Tips

Keep the Solar Panels Clear from Dust and Debris

One thing you can do to ensure the longevity of your solar panels is to keep the panels clean. Dust and dirt can collect on the panels and prevent them from receiving the maximum amount of sunlight, reducing the efficiency of your solar panels.

While cleaning your photovoltaic panels, it's essential to do so professionally. Learning about the function of each component will enable you to clean the system correctly. The right cleaning solution must be used to avoid streaking, and safety gear should be worn in difficult-to-reach areas.

When designing your solar power system, be sure to choose the best possible location for installation. Avoid placing the system in an area that could be subject to physical damage, like near trees and bushes, as this could lead to accelerated degradation.

Hire Leading Solar Providers

best solar panel provider

To ensure that you get a durable and reliable solar panel and recommended that you search for a reputable and trustworthy solar manufacturer that offers excellent customer service. It is essential to research to identify the best provider for your solar panels to get the best quality product and benefit from them.

Even though solar systems do not demand a lot of regular maintenance, some solar providers give comprehensive maintenance packages throughout the products' lifespan. This guarantees that they will keep generating clean, dependable, and affordable energy for many years into the future.

Keep an Eye on Your Solar Panels

Panel performance can degrade over time, so monitoring your panels and having them regularly inspected and cleaned is essential.

The performance of your solar system's panels, meters, inverter, and other components will all work as efficiently as possible with regular maintenance checks. It's also crucial to keep track of any changes in your energy usage and electric bills.

Cleaning and maintaining solar panels is essential to keep them functioning correctly. It's not a difficult task, but it requires time and effort to ensure that the cells are free of debris and receive the maximum amount of sunlight possible. Taking care of your solar panels also helps them last longer and makes sure that the system is free of dust or other particles.

Checkups on your equipment will help you avoid any unexpected breakdowns and can help you keep your energy costs down by keeping everything running as it should.

Switch To Solar With SolarQuote

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After your solar panels power your home for 25 years, you might start to see your energy bill creeping back up. This is because solar panels generally have a lifespan of 25+ years. If you notice your energy bill going up, it might be time to invest in new solar panels.

At SolarQuote, install solar and choose what works best for you every step of the way. Whether you're looking to finance your solar project, select your panel type or system size, or just have questions about going solar - we have energy consultants standing by to help through chat or over the phone. And if you'd like, we can even schedule an in-home consultation.

So take control of your power today and get started with green solar energy!

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