Do solar panels work under extreme weather conditions?

Feb 28th 23
10:34:09 am

You’ve probably heard that solar panels are an amazing way to save money on electricity bills and take a step towards sustainable living. But as with any large investment, you’re wondering if they’re reliable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions in your areas. In short, yes, they are. Solar panels are extremely adaptable for several reasons. At first glance, you might think that solar panels look extremely fragile and easy to break, but their composition is far more complex and designed to withstand a large variety of weather events.

Outdoor solar panels

The efficiency of solar panels is not dependent on heat. They often work well under colder conditions. Though reduced to around 25% of the efficiency of peak sunshine days, solar panels can still generate plentiful energy under a layer of clouds or fog. Since the price of solar has dropped in recent years, solar is still a worthwhile investment even if you don’t live in an abundantly sunlit area. Solar panels are built to last 25-35 years, and as such can withstand conditions such as snow, rain, hail and, bowing branches. You can power through any storm with solar panels and a backup battery.

What makes solar panels durable?

The silicon solar cells themselves are fragile, but they are protected by a frame and tempered glass built and tested to withstand strong winds and moderate branches. Debris from falling leaves swept by the wind can be kept out with a guard, or with regular maintenance. Solar manufacturers make sure that their products undergo rigorous stress testing, and with a professional solar installation service, your panels won’t suffer from improper mounting that could put them in drastic danger.

The durability of solar panels is backed up by warranties. In most cases, you’ll get a ten-year warranty for physical damage, but make sure to check upon purchase.

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What about hurricanes?

Hail, snow, sleet and rain are all factors that beg the question of the durability of solar panels, but none so much as tropical storms and, hurricanes. Did you know solar panels can withstand winds up to 140 mph? If you live in an area prone to extreme weather events such as hurricanes, your solar panels can withstand a category 4 hurricane. As soon as the storm blows over, you can remove any debris from your panels and have your home up and running sooner than others, especially if you can draw backup power from batteries. Before, during and right after a storm, your local utility company will switch off the power lines, so it's important to have backup power and a reliable source of energy when you need it most.

When all is said and done, solar panels are an incredible way to generate energy whether you live in an extremely sunny area, or a more moderate climate. They are also an excellent way to take the security of your home to another level by ensuring that you’ll always have power independently from overpriced and unreliable utility companies. To find out more about your solar options and see what manufacturers have to offer, get a free quote from SolarQuote’s instant estimate tool. Make sure to check out solar batteries too!

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