How Does Going Solar Benefit More Than Your Wallet?

Sep 21st 23
10:42:08 am

Solar energy can not only save homeowners thousands on their electricity bills but also offers lesser-known benefits. Many are exploring beyond the financial advantages to understand the myriad ways in which a home solar installation can be beneficial. After all, when switching to an unfamiliar energy source, you'll want to understand all of its associated benefits.

One of the most significant advantages of solar energy is its minimal environmental impact. Solar panels produce energy from the sun's rays without burning any fossil fuels. Additionally, since these panels have no moving parts, they do not contribute to noise pollution. By adopting solar energy, individuals can reduce their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, thus helping to combat global warming.

Solar energy is also an incredibly secure source of energy for your home, especially when paired with solar batteries. Solar panels are hardy against harsh weather conditions and will produce energy even during cloudy and cold days. When paired with solar batteries, a solar system can offer you complete energy independence from the grid, offering you immunity from spontaneous power outages or appliance-destroying brownouts. Furthermore, you can store power for an emergency when the power lines are down (such as a hurricane or a severe snowstorm) and keep essential appliances running while you wait for utility grid repairs to be done.

stabilize utility grid via net metering

Speaking of the utility grid, your contribution of solar via net metering can help stabilize your local utility grid. Net metering refers to the process of sending excess energy back into the grid in exchange for credits on your electricity bills. By supplementing the grid with renewable energy, you’re helping release the pressure placed upon local power plants and reducing the possibility of inconvenient blackouts.

Have you thought about how your decision to go solar might positively affect your community? The solar industry is a major driver of economic growth and is creating more jobs for skilled workers across the US. The amount of solar installations installed in the US increased by 40% in 2022, opening the doorway for thousands of new hires. The solar industry is expected to increase employment by 9% in 2023, and the Solar Energy Industries Association predicts that the total number of solar jobs will double by 2032.

Solar energy is a secure investment. The sun is an abundant source of energy that won't vanish anytime soon. Unlike other investments with unpredictable variables, we can be certain that the sun will continue to shine. Although the intensity of sunlight might vary across regions, states like Florida, Texas, and California are endowed with an abundance of sunshine each year. This is why Solar Quote customers can be confident of not only recouping their investments but also enjoying additional returns.

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We hope that this blog has illuminated the numerous benefits of solar for you, beyond the significant savings for your wallet. If you’d like to explore the possibility of going solar in more detail, our instant solar quote tool can provide you with an instant quote complete with an AI-generated design tailored to your home.

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